Case Study


Bullant was asked to lead the design and installation of the production equipment and services for a brownfield factory development on a site that was over 100 years old. The factory would be required to produce flammable liquids at a site where the availability of services and infrastructure was severely restricted.


Bullant worked with client personnel to:

  • Designed & implemented a strategy for upgrading services on the very old site including gas, water, refrigeration, electricity, stormwater, trade waste, fire system and steam.
  • Designed and constructed the necessary heated storage sheds for the flammable liquids conforming to the appropriate Australian Standards for flammable goods and fire system design.
  • Completed the process design for the new flammable liquids production and storage processes, converting a manual process to a fully automated process. This included full stakeholder engagement and the facilitation of HAZOPs and design reviews.
  • Designed the multiple vendor supply strategy reducing 3rd party supply margins
  • Prepared the documentation required for the tender process.

Bullant then provided the client-side contract management required to deliver the project.


A very complex and high-risk project was kept on track despite very aggressive timelines.