3 steps to a renewable energy strategy

Renewable energy strategies for the food & beverage industry can be quite complex and full of uncertainty. However, once the unique needs and location of a particular manufacturing site are understood then the strategy can become self-evident when the different options are examined in the context of technological maturity and payback. Step 1 – Understand … Read more

Which changeovers are the most important in the process industry?

Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) is a Lean manufacturing tool developed around the 1960’s as a systematic way of reducing changeover times in the car assembly industry. Most SMED guides include 4 steps. Identify the changeover elements Separate external elements Convert Internal Elements to External Streamline Remaining Elements SMED was developed with single work … Read more

7 essentials of a factory scheduling cycle

A good quality factory schedule is one of the most important factors in minimising costs and creating a firm foundation for continuous improvement. Yet many factory schedules are driven by the knowledge of just one scheduler, without much oversight by senior production management.

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