Bullant Performance Monitoring System (BPMS)

Monitor the performance of any factory with simplicity

Monitoring operations across many sites and processes can be difficult for 4 reasons:

  1. the quality of data can vary from one site to another.
  2. the way that metrics are calculated is at the mercy of different interpretations for each site
  3. metrics (such as OEE) are difficult to relate to business outcomes
  4. solutions usually require a large, all-or-nothing, capital outlay

We have developed the Bullant Performance Monitoring System (BPMS) to overcome these issues. It requires, on average, less than 4 inputs for each product run.

Information from this monitoring system can be used to:

  1. compare modelled performance with monitored performance and so identify opportunities for improvement
  2. compare different sites and processes using like-for-like metrics