Reliability & Maintenance Excellence

Create a custom-made, asset care strategy for the most complex processing environment

We train selected people in your organisation to sustain a cutting-edge asset care strategy for the long term. We do this by coaching them on how to Probe, Nurture, Improve and Maintain a production platform;

Probe Production System
Use a combination of a Value Stream Maps and Bullant Filters to interrogate your production system for emerging stability and reliability issues.

Nurture Projects
Prioritise and nurture projects into your production system so that it is protected from instability.

Improve Performance
Supplement (not replace) your existing continuous improvement process with targetted reliability activities.

Maintain Assets
Influence your existing asset maintenance system in order to sustain your reliability improvement effort.

Probe Production System

A production system is a statistical system. We teach your Continuous Improvement, Reliability, Maintenance & Engineering personnel how to probe the performance of your production system and reveal emerging instability and reliability issues before they have a significant impact on the performance of the factory or the entire supply chain.

The methods used to interrogate your production platform need to be tailor-made, using different elements of our Factory Analytics services. It will certainly include the practical application of one or more of;

Nurture Projects

Supply chains, particularly those in the process industry, are always exposed to change. A reliability professional must guard a production system from the potentially de-stabilising effects of a change activity. Your Continuous Improvement, Reliability, Maintenance & Engineering personnel will be coached on how to facilitate two project nurturing activities;

- Project Integration

We have designed a robust and adjustable Project Integration process that maximises learning curves and minimises in-stability after project implementations.

- Activity Prioritisation & Management

Equipment and reliability improvement activities should be prioritised according to their benefit to the entire production system including throughput, finished goods inventory and operating expenses.

If there are too many activities, resources can be overwhelmed and poor implementation can cause supply chain instability. At Bullant we use a number of advanced Project Scheduling techniques as a powerful way of prioritising & monitoring project resources.

Improve Performance

A targetted Performance Project is not meant to replace a more a general Continuous Improvement effort. In fact it is vital that a you leverage off this infrastructure. Your Continuous Improvement, Reliability, Maintenance & Engineering personnel will be coached on how to focus on improvement metrics that affect the entire supply chain.

The most important metrics for Continuous Improvement, Reliability & Engineering personnel in a high technology, high capital manufacturing environment are the same as those used for Demand Filters, specifically;

  • Line UpTime.
  • Drumbeat & Efficiency.
  • Octane (throughput measure), Crew, Productivity and Losses.
  • External Defects.
  • Measure of product cycle rates.

Maintain Assets

We coach your Reliability & Maintenance Engineer on how to influence the maintenance planning system so that it can sustain system-wide supply chain benefits as well as good equipment condition. We can also establish and improve a maintenance planning system focusing on one or more of the following areas;

  • Criticality Identification
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Trades Training and Ownership
  • Technical Delegation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Planned Reactive Workorder Management
  • Planning Optimisation
  • Maintenance Organisation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Parts & Knowledge Management
  • Contractor Management