OPEX Project Design

Actually move the dial on factory performance.

Tier 1 process businesses invest heavily in Standardised Operations Excellence systems. These range from encouraging informal improvement teams through to investing in extensive systems underpinned by traditional improvement frameworks such as Lean, Six Sigma or Total Production Maintenance (TPM). 

There are 2 challenges with Standardised Operations Excellence systems for the process industry.

  1. they originated from the assembly industry and need to be modified for the process industry.
  2. they need to be prioritised using a solid factory analytics system.

Our Factory Analytics capability is used to remedy these 2 weaknesses. 

Also, our Factory Analytics techniques are used to design more complex projects in the OPEX domain which are not covered by the Standardised Operations Excellence systems using.

  1. Top-level process monitoring
  2. Dynamic line modelling
  3. Schedule optimisation
  4. Fast-response Performance-Centred Improvements
  5. Fully integrated Maintenance & Reliability strategy

Case Studies