3 steps to a renewable energy strategy

Renewable energy strategies for the food & beverage industry can be quite complex and full of uncertainty. However, once the unique needs and location of a particular manufacturing site are understood then the strategy can become self-evident when the different options are examined in the context of technological maturity and payback. Step 1 – Understand … Read more

The 4 key phases of good project governance

4 Key Phases of Good Project Governance - Header Image

Complex projects are both exciting and challenging. On one hand complex projects have no precedent and therefore this will be a time of professional growth for all involved. On the other hand complex projects depend on the creation of new knowledge and effective collaboration between subject specialists. This can present significant risk and requires a … Read more

The 5 steps to assessing project risk & complexity

5 Steps to Assess Project Risk & Complexity - Header Image

Project complexity is increasing, particularly in manufacturing, and using project cost as the only indicator of risk is getting less helpful. How then do we take a broader supply chain view when assessing project risk? The definition of risk is different from one business to the next. Also an aggressively competitive business context can make … Read more

The 3 big trends that will change project management forever

3 Big Trends in Project Management - Header Image

There are 3 mega-trends steering the future of project management. At their core is the ongoing shift towards distributed project management. Projects of the future will be delivered by a group of geographically dispersed indivdual contractors and consultants, specialising in a particular discipline. This more distributed approach will be possible because of the very recent … Read more

6 signs that a project is about to implode!

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Driven by a need to arrest the decline in Return On Assets (ROI), businesses must now attempt more brownfield installations where previously they would have supported greenfield projects. Businesses must also consider the use of low cost materials where previously they would not have accepted the potential risks to their operating platform. Projects with these … Read more