The 4 Factory Types. Which do you have?

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a powerful improvement technology that asserts that any manageable system is limited in achieving its goals by a very small number of constraints. Developed by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, it provides a useful way to understand and manage complex industrial processes. One of the key concepts of TOC is … Read more

How to fix a supply disaster at a high technology factory

Fixing a Supply Disaster at a High Tech Factory - Header Image

You know the signs, the factory keeps missing production schedules and you keep depleting finished goods inventory. Its now so bad that you are missing vital customer orders and some customers are threatening to delist. This is a common story and here we use a scenario based on actual events to illustrate how an understanding … Read more

What is a flow line and how can it be manipulated to maximise performance?

Manipulating Flow Lines to Maximise Performance - Header Image

Capacity decisions made at the time of asset procurement have a huge strategic effect on the long term competitiveness of a manufacturing operation. This is particularly true in the process industry where most of the factories use Flow Lines.

In this article we explain how flow lines are designed as well as the supply chain system benefits of un-balancing flow lines, i.e. adding extra capacity upstream and downstream of a flow line’s bottleneck.

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What’s the difference between normal maintenance and reliability-centred maintenance?

Normal Maintenance vs Reliability-Centered Maintenance - Header Image

Maintenance management can be something of a thankless job, not helped by the differences in how people define maintenance and reliability. In most cases the reliability of a factory is delegated to the maintenance manager however few can articulate the difference between reliability and maintenance. Even fewer can define the difference between normal maintenance and … Read more